Yeoh Bag

  1. Hi I read in the reference thread that Hermes has a Yeoh bag. I've tried doing a google on it but I cant seem to find a picture of the bag. Can any of you ladies please help me. If someone of you have action pics than that would be great too..hehehe:yes: thanks
  2. Dear Ms. C:

    I am curious TOO?!

    Maybe some of our EXPERT TEACHERS can elighten us?!
  3. Here is MaggieD with a Yeoh (please correct me if I am wrong Maggie)

  4. ^^smashing look!!!! Is that barenia?
  5. ^^Yep, Rose, you've got it right--that's me and I'm carrying my Yeoh in that picture. I'm glad you found that picture because when I saw this subject line, I knew I needed to find that picture. My bag also has an off-white horsehair/crinoline bottom that can be attached to the barenia top/handle for a small shoulder bag or used separately as a little clutch. In fact, this one that LZ has listed is just like mine.

    Thanks, CB! And yes, the top piece and shoulder strap are barenia.
  6. ^^^ This is how MaggieD described it: "Barenia and chocolate box (?) Yeoh bag with PH"
  7. Hi, Maggie! We posted at the same time!
  8. Thanks, Maggie, the one from LZ is lovely too.


  9. Hi, Rose! How funny that this is the first time I've visited the forum in awhile and right away I find this thread with my (old) picture in it. Karma, right?

    LZ says that the leather on the bottom half is evercalf, not box. I didn't really think it was box, and now that I own a bag in box, I can say with much more certainty that it isn't box. So it probably is evercalf. It is certainly a lovely smooth leather. A wonderful casual bag, IMHO, although probably too small for many people's taste.
  10. That is one good looking, practical purse... thanks for educating us...
  11. thanks everyone :smile: was this bag seasonal? i havent seen it in stores??
  12. i have never seen the bag, either....where did you get it, maggie?
  13. Wow - I've never seen that one before! Nice leather :nuts:
  14. ooh, I like the bag do you pronounce Yeoh? ye (long e), o (long o)??????????
  15. What a great looking bag!