Yellowing (Oxidizing) and Care of Light/White Bbags- Your experience and advice

  1. So I noticed that my 06 pale rose day bag was not the same pretty pale pink it use to be but in the past week everyone has asked me if it was a new bag. It is now kinda a cross between a pale yellow and pinky beige:huh:

    I'm not sure I like it anymore, and I have no idea what happened to it.

    Has this happened to anyone else?

    Do you all think i could take it back to NM? I have never returned something I have used b4 so I feel strange doing that.
    Do you think Balenciaga would take the bag back and dye it again for me if that is even possibe?

    TIA for your advise:flowers:

    I tried to take a photo but I can't seem to capture the color
  2. Wow this sounds so odd - I really want to see a photo now!
  3. how strange and terrible!
    did you treat your bags with anything (such as a stain repellant)? did it recently come in contact with something?
    i would call Balenciaga NY and ask for their advice and bring it back to NM if you had to. i don't have a pale rose bag but that sounds awful! :wtf:
  4. it's inevitable when it comes to light colors! do you store your bag in it's sleeper in the closet, or out in the open? uv rays have this way of fading and yellowing bags.
  5. whoa! the whole bag turned yellow-ish? Or just parts? sounds awful!
  6. I treated it with Apple guard when I 1st got it earlier this year. When not using it I store it in my closet in the dust bag. I was thinking it was the Apple guard or the sun. I guess I will call Balenciaga and see what they say.
  7. That's the best thing to do is to call Balenciaga. Perhaps they'll have advice for you and a recommendation for a professional handbag repair place or a cobbler to help restore the color or remove the yellowness. Hope all goes well for you.
  8. ooh oh, i had an evil thought...could it be the long-term effect of applegard on lighter colors!????? DON'T KILL ME for voicing this, but this evil thought popped in my mind and won't leave! eeeek!
  9. :huh: Anything's possible, although I certainly hope the AG spray wouldn't discolor the the aniline leather. That wouldn't bode well for the AG company's reputation for fine leather care products.
  10. its possible the AG added to it- but its probably the pigment. Just from my experience as a painter, all of my whites (and off whites) get a yellowish cast over time. This is sped up by sunlight, which is why the best place to preserve paintings is in a dark, dry, cool place. If anything is left in the light it will change the color b/c the UV light breaks down the chemical compounds that we see as "color"...

    so I'm not surprised the lighter colors change- but 06 pale rose? thats not even a 6 month old color yet! Unless you live at the equator and take your bag to the beach for regular tanning... I'd say that is unusual! Definetly call the store you purchased it from, there needs to be a certain amount of accountability by the manufacturer. a 1K bag shouldnt yellow in 6 (or less) months. Thats ridiculous!
  11. sorry about that!!!
  12. Guys, sorry to repeat myself, but since I have researched the aniline goat leather lately... I'll share my knowledge!

    Aniline goat dye tends to fade with time. It is therefore no surprise for that leather that pale rose tends to fade. As for the yellowing of the bag, I do wonder indeed if AG could have an influence.

    Maybe you could ask Apple leathercare whether they think it is possible chemically?
  13. NOOO..I just purchased the pale pink and now I am scared....
    Please let me know what the store says
  14. Oh so sorry to hear that :sad: ... you know I kinda suspect AG has something to do with this. Did you use the conditioner or the protectant spray? Because the white cloth that I always use with AG conditioner (not spray) does turn yellow over time, on the spots that got in contact with the conditioner :hrmm: But I didn't think it would have the same discoloring effect on leather... it really shouldn't because it's a leather conditioner!
  15. yikes, this is really scary & is making me glad i didn't AG my bags :wtf: