Yellowing of turquoise CC...


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May 8, 2009
Hello everyone,
I'm not a frequent poster but love TPF, and was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what to do about the yellowing which has started near the edges of my turquoise coated canvas short make up bag. I think it's happening between the canvas and the plastic. I know it's not a massive handbag dilemma as such, but it makes me a bit sad as I've only had it for about 3 months. I haven't left it in sunlight or anything, it's been safely nestled inside my bays so I don't understand why it's happened! Any tips on how to make it go away would be much appreciated!
Thanks very much ladies,
Nov 1, 2008
Sunny Manchester!!
Hi Bella,
That must be really upsetting for you. I am not sure what to do, it doesn't sound good does it? Could you contact customer care? I am sure someone like Mulberry Mad will know what to do. Hope you can solve the problem x:flowers:


Jun 6, 2009
It shouldn't go yellow that quickly surely? I would definitely contact customer services.