yellow zip clutch?!

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  1. I saw a girl with a gorgeous yellow zip clutch today..but i dont think i've ever seen it in stores. Could it be from a previous season years ago?

    Im still dying to get a zip clutch in a color other than black/white. Where's my best bet?
  2. I think the MJ stores might still have canary and charteuse in stock. I know Barney's has the chartreuse, I saw one at mine this weekend. I think it's on their website as well. Canary is a brighter yellow with silver hardware, chartreuse is more muddy/mustard yellow with gold hardware.
  3. really? ..are these marc jacobs collection zip clutches?
  4. yup
  5. charteuse colour seems so yummy and rich~!! thithi, is this colour easy to maintain ? i read from another thread that you own a charteuse blake. :drool::drool:
  6. lol... hmm.. that interesting! I never had anything chartreuse although I've been hankering for yellow for a long time. I wish I did own a chartreuse blake!:p
  7. ah, I see now.. lol, maybe I should have worded it differently. Still a pretty color!
  8. what season are the chartreuse and canary from? i've been searching online and still no luck
  9. Both these colors are from prior seasons. If you are interested in either of them you should call a MJ Boutique.
  10. Do a forum search, using the search option on the top right. If you search for canary, some threads will pop up. One pfer bought a canary ZC a few months ago and posted pics.
  11. I actually had a canary zip clutch that I later sold for I needed funds, it was GORGEOUS! Call up the stores and see whats happening. I bought mine new off a girl who got hers during a sample sale.