Yellow Veneta

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  1. Hi everyone, I'm new here! *waves*

    I've fallen absolutely in love with the yellow veneta bag that is on net-a-porter (link below). I was just wondering if the pictures show the true colour? Unfortunately I'm nowhere near a store that sell BV so I have no way to go look at the bags. Also, is this a large or a medium veneta? The measurements of the bags seem to differ from website to website.

    One more question, for the Canadians on the forum, am I better off calling holts and ordering from there or ordering via net-a-porter? I have vague memories of absolutely ridiculous mark-ups at the Toronto HR so I really would rather not order from there.

    Thanks so much!!!
  2. Welcome! I have seen this colour IRL (also being in Canada, that is no mean feat...) and would say it is more mustardy than neon canary yellow (which makes sense since BV calls it "moutarde") - so I would say it is not quite as bright as the NAP pictures seem to suggest but certainly not muted or subdued, either.

    I'm not all that familiar with the Veneta style so I'll leave the size clarification to someone else, but I can confirm that the Holts markup (in Vancouver as well) is huge - in the range of $800 more for a BV bag with a US price of $1900, last time I checked. So if NAP ships to Canada (which I don't know for sure) then I would definitely suggest going that route - even adding on increased shipping costs, the courier company's obscene "processing fees" (boo UPS), duties and PST/GST (and you are going to have to pay taxes at Holts anyway) you are still going to come out way ahead, in my experience.

    That being said, I was in the Vancouver Holts at lunchtime today and they did have the Veneta (in medium, I think) in this colour - so a quick call might still be in order just to check the price before going the NAP route, since they might have it in stock in Toronto as well, and be able to tell you the price right away.

    Good luck - I'm sure you will love it!
  3. Most definitely go through the US. The mark-ups are outrageous....I believe the medium Veneta at Holt's is $2350 and the large is $2550.....the x-large is close to $3k!!!!

    You'd be better off getting it through the US....even at Neiman's or Saks.
  4. It's definitely a large veneta since they list the width at 19.5. A medium is 16 inches wide and a maxi is 22 inches. Hope that helps.
  5. Thanks so much everyone! NAP does ship to Canada and you get whacked with a huge load of taxes and duty but it sounds like even then it will be cheaper than buying it up here. Canadian handbag prices are absolutely ridiculous :cursing:
    Thanks again for all the help! :ty: