Yellow velvet boy

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  1. Hello~ I'm curious to know did anyone on the forum purchased the yellow velvet boy bag from 2013 spring collection? Is it bright yellow or mustard yellow?

    This is the bag I'm referring. I happen to call the Chanel customer service today and surprisingly it's still available at three boutique in the small size. I'm debating to go with this pop color or the red classic quilted design from cruise collection

    Yellow velvet boy

    Or red classic quilted boy from cruise

    Thank you all and looking for any feedback and advice
  2. Dorthy Wang carried the yellow velvet in either episode 1 or 2 of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

  3. Oh I remember that episode! I think her friend spilled water on her boy and she was like she could always get a new one. I love both boys but I prefer leather over velvet for maintenance reason. The red is TDF!! Good luck in your decision.
  4. I am not a fan of velvet. It looks used before actually being used IMO (just personal opinions)

    But the 14C red actually has an orange undertone though. It's beautiful still but just so you know. I like 14P red or dark pink (actually between red and raspberry) better

  5. it was sangria spilled on her purse and shoes. I'm sure she has no problem replacing them :smile:

  6. I'd get the red. The velvet tends to look updated IMO. Ultimately go with what your heart desires.

  7. I knew her sister in undergrad and her sister is so different from dorothy. I had no idea she was that rich because she was humble and low key. Very nice person.

  8. Thanks for the feedback... I just love the color yellow ... And the price point was good. $2750 I guess due to non leather material

  9. Hemmm ok.., it looks red to me from on line picture.. By the way have you seen a color called dark orange for 14C? Chanel customer care told me there is also a color called dark orange for the boy line

  10. 😊😊 I only have basic cable now ( saving up for Chanel 😜)

    I don't follow any shoes in non cable now. I guess it's time to check out YouTube
  11. Between your two choices, I would pick the red because it's leather. I'm leery of a lighter color in velvet because to me, it's too high maintenance and I'd be paranoid of getting dirt or pen mark on it. Also I feel like velvet says fall to me. I can't imagine using this in 70+ degree weather and on humid days. The red on the boy is a bit too orange red for me though. What about the yellow patent boy for act 2? Isn't there supposed to be one coming?
  12. Definitely red for me! It would be great if yellow comes on leather yah? Let us know which one you bought?
  13. Red one as well, I love leather more than velvet, and in long term leather bags surely hold better it's shape than velvet. How about yellow in leather?
  14. I agree with calflu that the 14c red definitely has an orange undertone in person which is not obvious in the picture. I was looking for more of a true red and ultimately passed on this boy.

    I still prefer the 14C red to the yellow velvet boy because I prefer leather over velvet. Yellow leather boy would be nice though if u could find one.
  15. I have the purple velvet boy bag from the season when it first came out... it's the dark purple with the sheen to it. The velvet is so luxurious! And I've come to find that it is not as delicate as it seems..It is very well made and the quality of the velvet is superb.

    Also; Wendy from Wendyslookbook has the small boy bag in the blue; You can check out her blog if you want to see more pics.

    **All pics frm Google searches :smile:

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