Yellow Topaz Pendant

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  1. Hi -

    Anyone familiar with yellow topaz?

    A friend of mine wants a simple yellow topaz pendant on a gold chain. Anyone know where I can find something like that.

    I have called lots of places and am having no luck.

  2. it's my birthstone. . . it's not very valuable, have you tried regular/lower end jewelers?
  3. Swankys right,it is a very inexpensive stone,but very pretty non the less,try having a look about where she suggested,or try an online option.xxxxxxx
  4. Thanks for the replies. I have called Macy's, JCPenny etc - I guess I should try the mall jewelry stores.

    I have also tried overstock and googled it but nothing much comes up for Yellow topaz.

    Mostly, only blue topaz and that price ranges widely from really cheap to super expensive.
  5. Did she mean Lemon Topaz?
  6. Is it the same thing as yellow quartz? Sorry, for my lack of knowledge. I have seen yellow sapphires, though, and they are beautiful.
  7. Thanks so much - the link did work. I am looking for something like that, but just a plain stone on a gold chain. I didn't realize it would be so tough to find.

    I might have to see if there is something else I can buy here.
  8. Try or or
  9. Surprisingly, yellow topaz doesn't seem to be used that much, it's usually blue or brown that are more popular. However, if it's the look she wants, try a citrine. Those are all over the place and not that expensive.