Yellow thompson Vernis for $300 shipped!!!!! yay!

  1. Im starting to really love this forum...
    SO i found myself looking thru ebay alot and today I bought myself a light yellow Thompson Vernis bag for $300 inc shipping and insurace from authentic_lvlady!!!:yahoo:

    at first i asked her for free shipping because her BIN was 309, she said she would only if i added in 10 insurance fee. I truly didnt want to go over 300 because im a starving student to i thought id pass.

    2 days later, i still kept on looking at thompson vernis pieces, finding fakes here and there. Then I messaged authentic_lvlady again and asked if she can do 310 total because I really loved the bag and heard so many good things about her at

    She then wrote back. Ok how about i sell it to you for a total of $300!:wtf:

    so i bought it and it is now MIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE. i just hope i dont get duty when it comes thru!!! :rolleyes:

    heres some pic:

  2. OH congrats!!! darling, fabulous piece, you will adore it as much as I'm adoring my vernis... how nice of her... I'd love a lavender piece from her, icechick has me dying...
  3. I LOVE yellow!!! CONGRATS!!!:yahoo:
  4. congrats..
  5. Thank you ladies. I really love vernis, although i know i have to be super careful when it comes to color transfer.
    so basically i cant wear any dark colored clothing when i use this bag right?

    or does color transfer happen only when vernis and something else comes in contact w/ each other for a long time and the weather is hot?
  6. Hollllllyyy :censor: !!!!! WOW. That bag looks GREAT!!! Congrats! :yahoo:
  7. congrats! glad everything worked out so well with authentic_lvlady
  8. i feel so hooked up being on purseforum! I feel kinda silly name dropping esp when I dont know if authentic_lvlady knows this forum or not!

    hahah if i wasnt a member here I would probably have to pay $339 for the bag and shipping!
  9. Oh, I'm soooo excited for you! I love the yellow vernis, that was one of my favorite colors they made!
  10. absolutely gorgeous!
  11. I think of cupcakes when I see yellow Vernis...

    Congrats once again!!! :supacool:
  12. Wow that's gorgeous and what a great price!!!
  13. What a beauty for such a great price. Congrats!
  14. That's a beautiful bag! Congratulations!
  15. Love it! Wow! Congrats!