YELLOW?!?! The race will be on!

  1. What style do you want? I only will buy a Day or First! and maybe a twiggy!

    What are you interested in??
  2. I think the part-time or city with GH is going to be HOT!!! Can't wait to see who gets it first!:yes:
  3. A yellow day or city with GH maybe? I don't know yet... Twiggy might be interesting but I don't like sausage bags, unfortunately :sad:
  4. In the yellow I am interested in accessories and/or a First. I LOVE to get a Work in the Violet!
  5. Just a coin purse for me, please!
  6. WAT?!!! yellow is out??
  7. I'd like to get a first or day in yellow. :search:
  8. a first would be awesome!!
  9. City for me. Can't wait.
  10. I thought that yellow and violet were only going to be released in certain styles. Do we know if that is true? And which styles?
  11. I'd prefer the Day in RH. I hope they will have them.....
  12. Exciting news ! Hope it's true !
  13. twiggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  14. Do we know for sure that Yellow will be available in the entire b-bag style line-up? There was some talk that yellow and violet would only be available as a limited edition on some styles :confused1:

    If I can possible get one then I would love a First :yahoo:
  15. i would love a First!!
    so its true that they are having this colour for F/W?