Yellow Stams!?!

  1. Okay so I've heard the rumor that there are some yellow stams:yahoo: out there for resort '07. Is this true or are folks just seeing the yellow Kid from the Fall?

    If anyone has seen a yellow stam and would like to tell me more, please please do!

    Are they quilted or PW? Is there a chain or one of the new nylon straps?

    Has anyone nabbed one yet that they could share pics of?

    Where did you see it because I will go on a yellow stam pilgrimage if I have to.

    Right now I have my next planed MJ purchase narrowed down to three bags, all stams in either cherry tart, bordeaux, or this yellow color if it exists. Hopefully at lest one will be available by the time I can take the plunge LOL!
  2. i saw one at the Nordstrom at san francisco shopping center a while ago, probably beginning of december.

    i dont know what the official name of the color was, but its not a really bright yellow, it was more like a mustard yellow color.. really pretty :tup:
    oh and it was a quilted stam with gold chain, which made it even prettier..

    it was original retail price when i saw it though, so i had to walk away :sad:

  3. Yes:yahoo:, mustard is my fave bag color( aside from topaz of course)! But you are sure it was a full size stam and not a Kid?
  4. Here is a picture of another member's Resort 2007 yellow Stam:

    My new Stam ;]
  5. ^ nice! it looks more marigold than yellow though.
  6. OMG... spacey you and i have the same taste....i bet you like the berry color too.....mustard is sooooo beautiful and i love how mj does color

  7. berry is hot. :graucho:
  8. tadpole, did you get yours on sale?
  9. no, retail price. is it on sale? i hadn't heard anything about a sale from the boutiques.
  10. LOL, you bet, I am dying to see the berry in IRL too!
  11. Thanks Melly, I totally forgot about seeing this post a while back. I'll have to PM her and see if she has any modeling shots to post.
  12. i didn't hear about berry being on sale, i was just curious since they ALL go on sale at some point....i've even seen the black stam on sale...though i didn't get it, but if the black stam goes on sale all other colors usually do.

  13. ^ if it does go on sale, it would be at neiman's. bloomingdale's and Nordstrom did not order the berry stam. since the boutiques rarely have sales if ever, i know they'll just send any they don't sell back to the warehouse in nj.
  14. Did you say STAM in bordeaux?? Really? Is this true?? :nuts:
  15. the bordeaux stam was one of the original fall 05 stams. it's beautiful in the icy leather. it's very rare. i've yet to see a real one on eBay.