Yellow Python Flap????

  1. Have any of you ladies seen or have a pic of a yellow python flap? I think it's new for the SS '07 because my sister just bought a blue one in the Chanel Boutique in Hong Kong, and she said they still have a yellow one left. If she buys it for me there's no way I'd be able to return if I didn't like it since she'll be bringing it to me in March when she comes home, also she can't send it to me b/c it's illegal to buy/sell python in CA..aside from customs & duties. My sis told me the price would be $16,500 HKD = approx. $2,200 USD after her 10% discount...a very good price for python! Please help!!!! I'd really like to see a pic before buying it! Thanks!!!! :flowers:
  2. sorry, totally unrelated but what size is the python?

    16500 is really good...! I wish I am in Hong Kong. Argh.
  3. I ever see it in PINK and also Yellow in the Boutique here in London. Anyway, I don't have pic.
  4. I didn't ask...most likely a medium flap.