yellow/pink hair cubes

  1. I need some help guys. I recently acquired the yellow inclusion hair cube and they are GIGANTIC! They are much larger than the current inclusion hair cubes. Plus they do not have 'Louis Vuitton' engraved on the gold thingy. Is it supposed to be this way??

    Any help would be appreciated. :flowers:
  2. can you post a pic??
  3. I will try to post pictures asap.
  4. That's the way the old hair cubes were..I think they decided to make them smaller from that point on.
  5. i like the size of the newer ones more. i got the brown and gold hair cubes 2 years ago and they are so big and heavy.
  6. ^^ Those are the ones I have. I like them but for me, my hair is too thick and I feel like I'm going to snap the hairband. :sad:
  7. Yep, the pink/yellow haircubes were larger. I'm not sure about the engraving, but I can check mine when I'm home later.