yellow perforated tote *pic*

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  1. From the new Saks catalogue. $2150

    Also available in black or red from Saks.

    It's pretty, but for me, the "holes" are a dealbreaker. Just not feeling these perforated bags... :shrugs:

    Chanel yellow tote.JPG
  2. I love the bag minus the holes, too!
  3. I know! I would LOVE that bag in regular leather.
  4. It still looks beatiful though =))
  5. wish they make one in no-hole? hehe
  6. I agree, I don't think I care for the holes.
  7. ... especially because the holes appear as polka dots. They show up as white dots on the darker bags. :sad:
  8. Yellow!! very nice!!! kinda reminds me of a melon!
  9. I sort of like it - it's very 80s, but for me personally it's a bit too "unique" to be worth the price.
  10. I like the perforated leather and the color but it's too trendy for me to spend that much money. Thanks for sharing
  11. I am not a fan of the preforated leather either . . . it is still yummy though!
  12. Don't diss the perfo until you see it in real life. I wasn't a fan either then when I saw them on Friday I found them quite fun and attractive.
  13. i saw the perforated bags a couple of weeks ago, not really my style.
  14. I adore the royal blue jumbo classic flap in the perf.................its so gorgeous, i can't take my eyes off it everytime i go in Saks....but I can't spend $2500 for a Jumbo flap.....
    cause i wouldnt wear it enough, am more of a trendy bag girl because of very casual lifestyle

    over all, i have always liked the perfs alot since first sighting at trunk show in early January
    i think its an interesting, modern take on the leather......
  15. definitely does give a very modern look to the leather...I know, I have the clutch...I LOVE it!