yellow pebbled calf leather Vitello Daino Hobo

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  1. Hi all, I'm new the the blog. I saw this from the Neiman Marcus website and really liked the yellow color. I went to Neiman and Saks and they don't seem to carry this in yellow. Can anyone tell me where I can get this purse? Since this purse is listed as one of their resort collection, is that their classic collection? Does anyone know if this purse might go on sale?

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  2. Resort is not part of the classic collection so it will go on sale probably end of May. If Saks and Neimans don't have it in store it's probably website only. The buyer for the stores and the website is not the same so they do not always have the same styles.

  3. Thank you for your response. Even the Saks and Neimans webiste only sell the black one, are there any other place I can find this?
  4. BTW, does anyone know when the south coast prada store will open? The southcoast website says spring 2010, just want to see if anyone knows the exact dates.
  5. Just so you know, I don't know if the physical stores have it (or which ones have it) - I saw it on the website.
  6. It was a about 2 months ago but I did see it at NM in Topanga. They also had it in cream and black.
  7. Hey I have this bag in black.. do you know when is the birth date of this bag?