Yellow Paddington $770 HURRY! Pictures!

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  1. Nubby in texture and is in excellent condition. It now on sale for $770 which is 50% off of the original price of $1540 – what a great deal!

    Be sure to ask for Folami. She is very sweet. :heart: She will use bubblewrap and package carefully. She has inspected it. It is on hold for me, but I emailed her I was posting it here, so let her know I said A-OK. I cannot buy another bag this summer!

    Folami Greene
    Kirna Zabete
  2. Aaaaaaaack! Why, mother of everything good, couldn't it be ivory? I'd be all over that thing like white on rice!!!! :shocked:

    But the color of this bag is beautiful! And you took photos! You're awesome!!!!
  3. Oh no, I can't take credit. I asked her to email me photos.
    Lord, it is called juane. I put yellow in title as who knows 'juane'? :lol:

    It is a golden maize color. It is very neutral. For the price, it may work for your ivory dream bag.:yes:
  4. I'm not really a yellow person, but that's such a pretty color.
    And a great price!!
  5. For some reason, when someone says "juane" I think of jaundice...which is the yellow color in the skin. Why in the world would Chloe name a bag with a similar name that is used to describe a skin discoloration? :hrmm: I think this juane bag would make my skin look very washed out, unfortanately. I don't look too good in light yellows.

    My true "dream" paddington color is Craie but I know that the possibility of me getting that is like unlikely. So I am settling on ivory. I like the 2005 leather of paddys better too. So...a perfect 2005 Craie paddington...impossible? :shocked:

    Oh, I must edit. My second dream color paddington is Craie. Chocolate is the first.
  6. Is this the pic of the zip bottom chloe? I also had emailed her and she replied saying that they only had the zip bottom in jaune.
  7. Phone her ASAP. She was holding the regular classic satchel, pictured above for Pam. I emailed her and said I was posting it here and not buying it personally. She may have not opened that email yet.
  8. ooo wish I was in the US! no paddys are going on sale here and this is the one I want!
  9. I bet they would ship to UK. Give her a ring!
  10. I need to sell my chocolate first there would be loads of duty to pay

    UK stores just dont want to reduce paddys!
  11. lordguinny needs to buy juane and swap with missbradshaw's choco. :amuse:
    Then all the Paddy's would have a happy home!
  12. haha yeah thats true!
  13. I just phoned and talked with her. As I thought, my email wasn't read yet and the Juane classic satchel is STILL stashed in a secret place and she will hold it for awhile longer for a PF'er to buy it :heart:

    They do ship internationally with the client's choice of 2 carriers.

    The remaining 50% off bags are gold and silver, not sure of styles.
    Tan front pocket and Juane Zippy.
    They have tan and grey Betty's available too.

    No sales tax unless you live in NY. Shipping was like $12 I think.

    GO FOR IT LADIES! :yes:

    Here is another picture of the color, not the exact same bag (if this link works)
  14. oops, sorry it is so big
  15. oooo I so want it! I just cant at mo tho...unless someone who wants a chocolate paddy can get the jaune one and we can do some sort of trade?