Yellow or Black City?

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  1. I want to start looking for a City bag, but I'm still unsure which color would be best if I want to carry it all year long... should I look for yellow or black? If you look at the Balenciaga website, they have a distressed leather look for the City, does anyone of you think it looks good at all? Please help!

    (By the way, this is my first post!) :lol:
  2. I think black is more practical if you're looking to carry a city all year long. Yellow is too bright and I can't see myself carrying it 24/7.
  3. Welcome! I think that if you're looking for a year round bag, you should probably go with the black, it goes with basically everything.
  4. you can never go wrong with a black city:biggrin:

    yellow is nice though for spring/summer, but yellow is already discontinued right?:love:
  5. I agree with Irissy and Riana. Ink is nice too, dark blue but, it looks black at night.
  6. hey ya!

    welcome - you're gonna love it here!

    well, i'd have to agree - a dark colour is a great idea for your first b-bag esp if you're gonna use it for everything!

    i've got a black city and use it daily - its great - holds heaps of stuff! maybe if you don't want black you could go for the Ink or a green...

    good luck!!! and let us know what you decide!
  7. I agree, you can't go wrong with black.
  8. I'll go for yellow because there are always black bags in every brand!
  9. I vote for a black, if it's your first Balenciaga. It's basic & classic and goes with everything.
  10. Welcome, Discobunniee!

    Black is a classic color so you'll never go wrong with it. Unfortunately there is not a yellow color currently available for retail sale. And Balenciaga has never produced a true yellow color either. Anis would probably come the closest, but that is a very hard color to find.

    Good luck! And feel free to ask lots of questions. Everyone here is super helpful.
  11. Welcome! I vote for black- its just a perfect all year round bag! Good luck and let us know what you decide!
  12. vote for a black. :smile:
    actually i am also looking for a black city. is it easy to find? i usually see black first, but have not seen any store has black city in stock though (in SF bay area).

    Discobunniee - welcome to the forum! :smile:
  13. pinkie_meow, try Balenciaga New York. Their phone number is: (212) 206-0872. Obviously it's not in San Francisco, but you won't have to pay sales tax if you purchase from them. Good luck!
  14. Yup! This will be my first Bbag! Thanks for telling me about the yellow being discontinued, AmourN20! I wouldn't have known. Thanks all of you for being so nice and knowledgeable! I'll definitely let you know exactly what color I end up choosing!
  15. Yeah! Post pics:nuts:
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