Yellow Muse?

  1. When did the yellow muse debut? Are they still selling them?
  2. Where is the yellow Muse?
  3. YSL made a yellow bag last year--I believe it was S/S 06--but it was the "Yse" bag, not the Muse. (They are similar styles, but not exactly the same.) I'm pretty sure those Yse's are sold out everywhere.

  4. Yup they are. I was really getting excited there for a minute. Maybe they will come back this summer.
  5. argh!

    it was on sale?!

    i never thought i'd even get my hands on it because it was limited and nicole was wearing it...

    okay. maybe i'm a dork.

    but i love that bag! *sigh* oh well, you snooze you lose. gRowl.
  6. There are a lot of yellow bags about this season Prada are doing some so maybe you will find a nice new one!
  7. I Also like the Yse yellow bag too bad I only found out they produced a yellow one just recently :sad:
  8. I love that bag! Nicole looks so cute in that picture! The yellow really sets off the turquoise dress she is wearing.
  9. You did not miss out. NM had the beige. The yellow looks like it does on Nicole's pic.