**Yellow** muse?!?

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  1. Does anyone know where I can find this yellow Muse still? I know it's from quite some time ago but figured I'd ask regardless...looking for something with a pop of color and this would definitely work. I'm sure I must be way too late to the game on this but it's worth a shot!

    Thanks girls :smile:

  2. It's not a Muse it's a YSE bag. But I have no idea where to get it. Sorry but good luck.
  3. oops sorry about that - thanks for correcting me!
  4. Yep, it is the YSE bag and I believe it is from 2006. I know it was seriously on sale last year for like $638 (down from $1700 or something.) I don't think it is made any more.
  5. Oh no just my luck :tdown: I can't believe it sold for that low!!!! I'll have to hunt ebay I guess and pray it comes around :nuts:

  6. Yeah, I tried to buy it when it was on sale but they sold out before my order was processed. I was bummed. It was a truly beautiful bag! I hope you have some luck in finding it.
  7. Excuse my ignorance, but YSE?

    Cosmopolitan, thanks for that link and pic. :smile:
  8. ^Yes, there have been two other bags which have roughly the same shape as the large Muse but different detailing, the Yse and the Yris.


  9. Here's a few more of the YSE/Yris!



  10. Gorgeous!!!! I am sick with envy :smile:
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