Yellow MAM

  1. Gung's post on the yellow MAM has me obsessing over it. Has anyone ordered that bag (or seen it IRL)? I usually like to see tpf pics before I buy. Anyone?
  2. Are ya looking to get the Resort 07 MAM with the pyramid studs or the new Spring 08 Yellow with Silver trim?????
  3. I was looking at the Resort 07 MAM with the studs. I'm not crazy about the studs, but if that color is true to the pictures - more daffodil and less mustard - then it's TDF. Thoughts?
  4. I don't have this bag but I've seen it a couple of times IRL and it's a real yellow, not mustardy at all. It's a fun and happy color - quite spring-y. Daffodil would be a good way to describe it. I stole this pic from revolve and the color (that appears on my computer screen, at least) is quite true to life.

  5. I know it's one of Rebecca's fave colors.:yes:
  6. Ooooohhhh - I'm this close to ordering! Anybody want to talk me out of it? (Too bad my credit card can't scream at me!)
  7. bagdemon - what was the leather like? Squooshy or more stiff? TIA!
  8. I really want the yellow too, but I just can't get around the studs, so I will have to wait for the Spring 08.
  9. VERY smooshy!!!!!!!
  10. I have this bag (Yellow MAM w/studs) and adore the color. Very pretty especially with Spring coming up. :smile:
  11. Ooooh! Will you please post pics?!?!?! I was getting ready to order the bag - I'm sick of obsessing over it! - when I came across pics (from an ended eBay auction) and the color looked a little more toward the mustard side of yellow. How would you describe the color?
  12. The color does lean towards mustard. I think the yellow is a nice smooth yellow, not bright or crayon-ish. :smile:

    Here are a couple of photos ...


  13. Oh, that is so pretty! Thanks so much for posting the pics!
  14. It's gorgeous! Shoot.. I think I'm falling for it. :heart:

  15. OH.


    That is a lot more beautiful than I ever knew it was. I might have to look into this:drool:

    **Sneaking off to Google right now