Yellow Love and my Paris Store Experience

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  1. I have been wanting to purchase my 1st Goyard for about a year now, but was torn between getting a practical color like the grey vs my fave color - yellow. I almost bit the bullet on a yellow St Louis in the Japan store last year, but something stopped me. I had a trip to Paris this year and I was determined to bring home a Goyard as my souvenir.

    Before the trip happened, I chanced on a yellow Cap Vert that was looking for a new home. It was perfect - that pop of yellow colour I wanted, in a mini bag for weekends. And so here she is:

    I’ve had her for 2 months now and I couldn’t be happier.

    Last weekend, my trip to Paris happened and so I popped over to the Rue Saint-Honoré store for some yellow SLG companions for my Cap Vert. The door was not locked, but the place was packed so I was asked by the doorman to wait outside. I was first in line. The doorman was very polite, and not haughty, so I didn’t mind. I waited for about 5 minutes, a few people came out of the store, and I was let in.

    Unfortunately, one of the items I was looking for was out of stock in yellow. I had a few minutes of indecision, but in a moment of low EQ, I went with the grey colour for 1 of the items, the card holder (I could always give it to my husband when I find the yellow, right?).

    The SM was very nice, even complimented me on my Cap Vert, so overall, it was a positive experience.




    Now I have a little yellow pochette that fits the Cap Vert, and my card holder. The pochette is the smallest size - and I just realised I may need 2 for all of my stuff!

    Overall, a happy experience for me. Thank you for reading all the way to the end!
  2. May I ask how much was the card holder?
  3. Oh great items, how fun!

    If you would, could you add them to our Library? I’m hoping to get it filled with photos/colors/prices!
  4. I love that yellow camera bag!