Yellow Lambskin Wallet @ Nordstrom

  1. Hi All

    There is a beautiful '08 Yellow Lambskin Classic Wallet at Nordstrom at the Mall of America for $795.00.

    Please ask for
    Lucas Coatsat952/883.2121 ext. 1390.

    He is not in the store today, but will be in at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. I want to make sure he gets the credit since he is a fellow tpfr member and he told me it was coming in.

  2. do you know if this is the quilted wallet or the classic CC stitched onto it? thanks!
  3. I think it's the classic CC, but not totally sure.
  4. sounds so pretty!any pics?
  5. I wish! All I know is it's the new Yellow for Spring '08 that matches the color of the e/w. They only received two and one already sold. I haven't seen any pics of the wallets yet on our forum.
  6. omg..if they have it in sooooooo dead!!LOL!
    I have my pink flap on its way as we speak!ROFL!
  7. A pink flap sounds so pretty! Pictures when it comes please...

    Lucas, I'm jonesing for my Yellow e/w - :sweatdrop:

  8. Hi All

    Got a picture of the wallet I mentioned on the 1st. Very pretty!!

    This is the same color as the Yellow e/w I am waiting for. I think it gives us a better representation of the color than the catalogues that were posted.

    So...someone buy the wallet so I don't!! :police:
    Yellow Lambskin Wallet.JPG
  9. love!

    ANyone seen it in pink?LOL!??I need to match my bag too
  10. Ohhhh, this beauty would match my yellow medium flap (which should be here on Friday, ahh)!! :nuts: Soo tempting... though I would prefer a card case hehe, because I have too many wallets (which are getting neglected)! :p :love:
  11. Ditto, I'd like to hear about card cases -- styles, colors. I find it more useful than my wallet.