Yellow Inclusion PM

  1. Hi.. my SA just show me this yellow inclusion pm.. !! I am thinking if I should get it but the color is so different than the hair cubes I have. Can someone post me a pic so that I can see the color thanks!!
  2. There's still one around?? I have one that I got in 2005! Here's my complete collection, it's the one in the middle.

    and at the bottom of the stack in this one:

    In short, GET IT!! Those things are crazy hard to get ahold of and when you do find one, it's nearly double the retail price!
  3. yeah get it- I would - I love the yellow and pink one - they are soo expensive now on eBay .. get it at retail - if you don't like it sell it and make a profit on it.
  4. Wow they still have these around in HK? :nuts:
    I think you should definitely get it, especially since it's still at retail price and discontinued :yes:
  5. Em.. thanks everyone I have already decided to place that on hold and pick it up tomorrow.. I was really surprise when I saw it in store today !!

    My SA told me there r more than one , so if any TPF member would like one please PM me.. !!
  6. Oh wow, that is great! Congratulations!
  7. Shopalicious, were there any of the old rose pink ones? I remember Karman found one there, that might have been the last one.

    Congrats on getting the yellow! :yahoo:
  8. i pm'd you
  9. I am trying to asked my SA to locate the older ones for me .. hee will find out tomorrow !!
  10. WOW! Great job finding something discontinued so long ago!
  11. Wow, that's so cool that you found these!!!
  12. Great find! The old colors are going for a fortune on eBay. I am sure you'll love it when you get it! Since I got my Pomme bracelet, my gold and diamond bracelets are collecting dust.
  13. Interesting, thanks for the info-it'd be great if there were a few lonely rose pink ones hehe.
  14. Oh, what!
    When I was in HK I asked the SA to locate the old colours for me and she said there were NO MORE old colours...(well I asked about the pink PM and pink GM ones at least) and now there's a yellow PM?! Darn!
  15. Wow that are some still around.