Yellow goyard bags

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  1. hi there...i'm thinking of getting a yellow goyard st louis pm. however, i found out that there are 2 kinds of chevro initials in this color. one with the black chevron initials and the other with white.

    just want to get your opinions on which one is better.

    can't decide :P

    thanks in advance :biggrin:
  2. I don't understand. Please elaborate? :smile: What do you mean by Chevron Initials? I understand Chevron, and I understand painted initials, but Chevron initials?
  3. oh sorry..i meant chevron some of the pics i saw the logo were painted in white while the others in black..

    which one looks better?
  4. Can you post the pics please? This sounds suspicious... Hope you are not getting scammed.
  5. hi there...

    yellow-white chevron logo

    yellow-black chevron logo

    i don't know if it's the lighting but they seem to be 2 different versions to me.


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  6. r15324 - thanks a lot for your patience and assistance! :smile:
  7. I agree it's the lighting but I also think the st louis pictured is fake, shape looks off.
  8. Just to add my 2¢, since the fabric is made in lots, depending on what lot your bag is made from the color varies slightly. I remember going to Barneys with my green Fidji to look at wallets and they were a completely different shade of green. My Fidji was more Forrest green, while their wallets were more Kelly.
  9. Here's my St. Louis PM...

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  10. Hi rvi101,
    I was at Barneys in Beverly Hills few weeks ago and was chatting with a SA about the yellow St. Louis tote's color difference.
    The SA (Jerome) told me that the black chervon logo was a older version of the yellow. The newer version is the one with the white chervon logo. Both looked very nice when I compared them side by side. Personally, I like the black chervon logo better. Hope this helps. You can call Barneys if you have any concern about the differences. I am sure they will be happy to help. :biggrin:

  11. I'm not sure which version I saw today but this color's GORGEOUS!
  12. I like the "newer" white one if that is correct
  13. I also prefer the yellow with the white chevron initials; it looks brighter and showcases the yellow better.
  14. Can you specify which chevron color if you have the yellow custom made?