Yellow Gold Wedding Jewelry

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  1. Is yellow gold "out" for e-rings and bands? I am going to get my e-ring reset, and when we married in 1988, we bought yellow gold bands and mounting.

    DH's ring still fits him, but mine doesn't - weight gain, and I think I am getting arthritis in my knuckle. It's bigger than the right hand finger and hurts a little at times.

    I was looking at the Celebrity wedding jewelry thread, plus some of the thread on tpf-er's and most seem to be white gold or platinum.

    Would it look old-fashioned if I stayed with YG to match DH, or does it not make a difference?

    I have a 1.27 round diamond, and need something not wide so I can slip it over my knuckle more easily.

    Any of you kind ladies have YG and maybe post pics?

    I may put a small stone on either side, and I will just be wearing that ring. My original band is a style that cannot be easily resized, probably have to remake it larger, and geez, I'd rather spend that on an e-ring setting.

    Any ideas in addition to example pics? Sorry this went on and on - TIA!:flowers:
  2. I was in a jewelry section of Sam's club today and I noticed that most of the engagement rings were White gold/platinum. I did not see one yellow gold engagement ring. I think the reason that many like white metals is because the diamonds appear larger. Also, I think yellow gold may make the stone's color appear yellow.

    I think if you like yellow gold engagement ring then keep yellow gold. I personally love yellow gold jewelry and I don't think it is out as far as engagement rings. I think it is just a personal choice.
  3. I agree; go for what you like. I would say that there is a trend of having diamonds set with a white metal for the reasons dmitchell15 listed above. I personally really like the look of yellow gold but not with white diamonds (however, I think yellow diamonds can look good with YG (think Heidi Klum's e-ring) but I digress); again that's just a personal taste. I don't think your wedding band has to match your husband's but if you like the yellow gold then stick with it. It is going to look classic not matter what. Good luck with your decision!!
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    Have no idea if this will work; here is the pic from the reference thread

    Let's see if it works - oh, good, it did.

    This is what I've had since the mid-1990's. Actually 3 bands, and a two-tone style.

    The diamond is on an 18 WG band in a raised 18 K YG 1/2 bezel-set shank
    Then a pave set in YG, and lastly a plain gold band.

    I guess I liked the idea of it 'going' with whatever color jewelry I was wearing and my TT Rolex...

    Hmm, looking at this, I kind of still like it; today it is cool out, so the rings are slipping on and off easily.

    Maybe I'll keep it, it is a little different than usual...

    Mostly my HG stone is a honkin' big Asscher (well, to me that would be 2 carats, LOL)

    But I hate to ask DH to spend that kind of money
  5. ^^ I really like your set. It is very unique. I think that if you can, you should definitely keep your set. It is very pretty.
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    Thanks, dmitchell, that's sweet of you! I worry it looks a little dated (but then again, it is 15 years old, it 'is' dated;) I was married in 1988, and until this set, I just had a plain tiffany-style setting, with my original wedding band which hasn't fit for years.

    I also just realized I was a little confusing - my original wedding band is way too small, has been for years, and this pic is a replacement set done in 1995 or so. Even this newer set is feeling like it is not fitting well on hot or "puffy" (LOL) days.

    But I do l ike it. Hey, maybe I'll just put it away on the days it doesn't fit;)
  7. I think it's just me that's confused, when I see what I've written :roflmfao:
  8. I like yellow gold; white gold is trending out according to my jeweler friends. However, what is old is new, etc, etc......

    My band is nearly 20 years old. It is yellow gold & platinum with diamonds. I've never felt that it was dated.
  9. -sounds really pretty! If you have a pic, post it. But don't worry, if you are like me - I am lazy about taking pics...
  10. I think it depends.... when I see a marquis w/ side stones set in yellow gold I think it looks so 80's (so yeah, I think it's dated TBH). I don't think a round or emerald cut solitaire on a thin yellow band ever looks dated, though-- it's classic. I always wonder if one day all these platinum halo settings will look "so 2000's"???
  11. I think you should go with whatever you're happy with. Trends come and go so you should choose the metal that you like and flatters you.

    Your current set is beautiful and looks so classic. BTW, YG looks great on you and when one sees too much white metal, yellow gold just looks so unique, rich and luxurious.
  12. My wedding set is yellow gold, and if I were to get it reset or to upgrade, I would go with yellow gold again. Yellow gold is simply more flattering on my skintone and I really like the warm look. I don't think diamonds look more yellow against it at all; indeed the contrast makes them seem brighter to me. In white gold, people can miss the smaller stones that are pave or channel set and think it is all shiny metal, but the stones show up clearly in yellow gold.

    It really is a matter of personal taste. White gold/platinum has been popular for a long time in wedding jewelry, and I am sure that it will remain popular. But the color of the metal is never dated; it is a style that becomes dated. For example, very wide yellow gold bands with a diamond set in the middle where the sides came together were a big 80's or early 90's trend. But simpler settings with a classic cut stone are timeless, regardless of whether they are in white or yellow gold.
  13. I agree with the other's what looks best on you & what you like that matters.

    WG/platinum has been the trend for the past few years, but YG is coming back strong. I don't think your set looks dated at all...especially with the two-tone look. I'm advising newly engaged couples to go with YG if they're trendy or fashion forward. fashion is all comes back around again!
  14. -Aw, thanks, that is nice of you to say.
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    Yanno, I wear mostly silver jewelry but I do like the warmth of gold in my wedding set...
    Thanks ladies, you made me confident that I didn't make a mistake in choosing what I did in the past...

    And, I just had the thought - nothing wrong with one's jewelry indicating when one was married - it's romantic - especially if it indicates many years:tender: