Yellow Gold Watch -- Anyone??

  1. Hi ladies,

    I'm in the market for an all yellow gold watch and I'm looking at the Rolex Daytona with the white face. Anyone have this watch?? Any other Rolex yellow gold watches that you recommend?? Please post pics if you have them. TIA!!:yes:
  2. sorry, personally don't like yellow gold watch, a bit gaudy, something Donald Trump might wear.
  3. I have a daytona with a white gold case, pearl face and the leather band. i do like the yellow gold case but at the time i was all matchy matchy with my golds. now i wish i had the gold case, but still would go with the leather band. i think the entire gold would be too much on such a large watch. although, had i known at the time that the gold bracelet was about 10K i might have reconsidered. as a female with a man's watch I get so many compliments and fear that had the watch been less expensive it may have started a trend. I would post a photo except i have no idea how. if i was going to get a full gold watch i might go for a cartier tank or a rolex masterpiece (my dream watch).
  4. i'm looking for an all yellow gold watch too! Having only bought silver colored ones in the past, I think a splash of color would be very exciting. Two of my guy friends have them in yellow gold and one has it in two-tone it looks great. But of theirs are in black face with diamonds. For that price range, would you consider the datejust with diamonds in rose gold? I think a yellow gold Daytona would be too big for women. Unless you are model height with a nice tan ;) If you're only considering yellow gold, have you thought about other brands such as chopard or PP? They have very elegant yellow gold watches that aren't too overpowering.
  5. Totally disagree, ladies rolex gold presidentials are fabulous! :woohoo:
  6. ^ have to agree as well, I love mine:heart: My husband has a all gold Daytona and it's just beautiful on him. White face brushed and smooth gold bracelet. Very very nice, next time he has it out of the safe I will sneak some photos of it
  7. In my opinion, gold Rolex watches are much prettier than the white ones.
    I always get mixed up when seeing a white rolex on someone with other brands, esp. if the bracelet was one of the new ones(don't know what they're called) but with the gold ones you never get wrong.

    I really love the gold daytona with a the brown strap. So pretty.
  8. Queen Mahra you are so right....DH had a gold daytona on the brown strap and it was so hot! He also had all gold paul newman ed. daytona and he pulled it off, it was very sexy on him. And unexpected for a "young" man.
  9. Thanks everyone.... contrary to what someone mentioned, I DON'T think all yellow gold watches are gaudy... quite the contrary actually! Anyway, I love pink gold too, but I don't have any pink gold jewlery so I don't know if I would be able to mix and match....
  10. ITA, I think rose gold is so much harder to mix with other color metals.
  11. hey guys, I've nothing against a gold watch. in fact i myself own one, but I've tried on the yellow gold rolex, it's just not my cup of tea. It did nothing for me, I wasn't drawn to it at all. But it might look better on someone else. Peace!