yellow gold or platinum E-ring

  1. I want to upgrade my e-ring later on, and currently my wedding band and E-ring are all yellow gold. I do love my wedding band which is 18k with 11 channel diamonds. So if I want to get a platinum E-ring, what I shall do with my wedding band? :confused1: :confused1:

    Thanks for your opinion.
  2. Without seeing them it is hard to say. Could you wear them together? I wear my White Gold E-Ring I upgraded too and a yellow gold and diamond wedding band. But both bands are pretty thin so it is not real obvious. Or you can always take the diamonds out of you original yellow gold wedding band and have them put into a platinum band
  3. Can someone share some pictures that showing platinum E-ring together with yellow gold wedding band? Thanks!!
  4. White gold isn't really white, it's yellow with some white metal plating (name has fallen out of my brain pan...). If you don't like the look of the platinum with the yellow gold, you could always make the yellow gold into white. That way, you wouldn't have to rush your decision. Besides, if you don't like it as white, you can turn back into yellow--magic:p
  5. Do you mean I can ask my jewellry store make my 18K yellow gold wedding band to be changed to white color?:wtf:

  6. You could have it rhodium plated, but it will not last. White gold has a slight yellow tint to it if it is not plated, but it is still much whiter than yellow gold.
  7. You could wear them on different hands, or your new ring could be designed with both platinum and yellow gold (or just yellow diamonds :smile: ) so you could wear them together.
  8. Thanks for everybody's idea :nuts: