Yellow glue on my blake - what should I do?

  1. I started noticing a few small yellow glue like spots on my quilted chiffon blake and am wondering what I should do. Is there any type of cleaner or dye that will fix it? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the info. Cheese, that is the exact same glue stain.
  3. yikes... maybe you can contact a cobbler and see if he has any suggestions?
  4. I'm probably a year too late with this reply but I just got my Blake and have the same glue problem.

    I managed to get rid of my glue using a dental tooth pick..that tooth scaler thing with a hook at the end? With a lot of patience and a very gentle hand, I managed to scrape away all of the glue without damaging the leather.

    I don't know if this method will work with hardened glue though. My glue was stuck on good but with some prodding, it became stretchy (like rubber cement but much more stubborn). Someone mentioned a pin but I felt that was too small for me to get a good grip on it.

    Hope this helps.
    If you try this, just remember to be really really careful because that pick is sharp - you don't want to hurt the bag :shocked:
  5. you might want to try also a rubber cement pickup .. (it's sorta reminiscent of an eraser) you can find them in art stores... gently rub the stain.. it might pick up a little bit of it.. then pry the rest of the glue off with tweezers or a pick as suggested above