Yellow Fever

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  1. Same here.
  2. I think it's the same way a lot of places. To be honest, the few Asian girlfriends I have are all with Caucasian guys. Hmmmm.

    I think it's really a huge trend all over the west and east coasts.

    And no joke, everytime I go into Saks Fifth Avenue's fur salon in SF, I see some young little Asian thing who barely speaks English trying on $75,000 coats with an old Caucasian man paying the bill! :amazed: It's funny, I guess there's nothing wrong with that, anyhow!
  3. This movie made me think of my friend Robin. Her b/f is Asian. Where I live, though, no minds who dates who. It's one of the only things I like about my city.

  4. I see a lot of that too but in Orange County.
  5. wonder why, though?
  6. i was at short hills in NJ the other day and i saw like 6 couples like that :weird:
  7. I remember when I was on a sorority pledge retreat, staying up all night with my pledge sisters and baring our souls to each other...I was shocked when 16 out of 17 of my Asian pledge sisters unequivocably stated they would never marry an Asian guy. They complained about Asian men being spoiled and being, well, very spoiled. And then they cited story after story about their brothers til about 3 in the morning. And as it turns out, nearly every one of them married a white guy.

    What's funny is that a lot more white girls we went to school with ended up marrying Asian guys. And now, in my son's preschool, the mixed kids are just as likely to have white moms as they are to have Asian ones.
  8. Ha ha... omg I LOVE this clip!! And the Asian main character is cute too. ;) And what's with the trampoline and the guy w/ the heavy Indian accent? That was just way too funny! :lol:

    Here, in OC you do see alot of asian gals w/ non-asian bfs. I have to admit... it's the hair and the perky ass! That's why my other half is an Israeli. :P I doubt I'll go back to dating asian guys in the future.
  9. Not the hair, maybe the butt but asian guys can have nice butts too. Speaking just for myself, I never dated Asian not just because there weren't many ones around me, also I can't stand the machoness of Asian guys. They do not take girls as their equals, such as Asian guys do not do housework even he needs his wife is working as well. They still stereotyping gender roles, there are things that only women do.

    Another thing I can't stand is a non-Asian tries to pick up Asian girls by saying hello in Chinese or Japanese, so tacky, wankers!

    N.B. I love the tee on the main character.