Yellow Fever

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  1. I'll need some confirmation here... is it really about the hair arms? LOL
  2. hahhaha I love it hysterical !!!! (somehow I dont think you have anything to worry about. )
  3. Funny! I play into their "complaint"...I'm Asian, but my boyfriend is Caucasian.
  4. Funny, I'm a Caucasian girl who's always been attracted to Asian guys...
  5. Oh I don't...
    there's only one love in my life :love:
  6. That's funny. I'm always part of that Caucasian-Asian couple!

    But I *hate* when they try to speak Chinese to me. There are so many other levels to connect on, you think if you butcher my mother's language you're going to score points?!
  7. *bump*
  8. haha my other half is caucasian too. but i'm pretty much what you would call a twinkie. lol.
  9. I think they only get it right at the end. It's all about the hot chocolate ! ;)
  10. My other half will probably end up being a white guy, or at least part white. Those are the ones whoare always attracted to me :lol:
  11. Hehe funny, I know two guys in college (both in my major) who are asian and has been dating caucasian girls for years. My bf also knows an asian guy who is getting married to his caucasian gf this summer. But yea it is very stereotypical I guess, especially here in the west coast, I've never seen this "fever" so much when I was in the east coast...
  12. OMG, hilarious, that is filmed at my college!!! (U C San Diego)
  13. Haha! I have so many friends at UCSD! I used to date a guy who played on your volleyball team!
  14. Cool! Isn't it true though? At SD the whole white guy/asian girl thing is pretty much everywhere, I'll admit it... :biggrin:
    I wonder if it's only UCSD, or are other schools the same way?