Yellow epi - when was it discontinued?

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  1. Does anybody know?
  2. If I'm not mistaken...99
  3. Hmm, in the reference library someone said she thought it was produced mid 80s to early 90s

    Then I found these two auctions (who both seem legit to me):

    eBay: 100% Auth Louis Vuitton Yellow Epi Petite Noe NEW L@@K! (item 260065235016 end time Dec-20-06 21:23:05 PST)

    eBay: AUTH LOUIS VUITTON YELLOW EPI MABILLON BACKPACK $1020 (item 200060165458 end time Jan-16-07 04:43:12 PST)

    And the date codes say they were produced in 2000 and even 2002 :confused1:

    I really can't seem to find an answer to that question, but I found a list about when Vernis was made/discontinued lol :P
  4. I bought my yellow epi pochette in NYC LV in 2002, I believe it was still in production at that time, discontinued very shortly thereafter then the pastels (vanilla and lavender or whatever they called the light purple can't think right now) came out..
  5. I saw someone with a yellow Epi backpack yesterday - dunno the name of it, but it resembled the shape of the Druot(sp?). It was stunning on her, she carried it over one shoulder of a long black cashmere coat. A shame this color is discontinued.
  6. Are you in the market for something in yellow epi?!:graucho:
  7. My SO got me a yellow Noe and matching pochette for xmas and I'm desperately waiting for it to arrive :graucho:

    So to pass the time, I decided to gather all the info I can find about my new baby