yellow epi speedy... super rare? what's the color like IRL?

  1. hi!

    i'm pretty new to the LV epi line, but have learned from the lovely ladies on tPF that the yellow epi color is discontinued... :sad: so i was wondering if these are super hard to find? how often do they pop up on eBay? what should i expect to pay for one in good condition?
    also, is the yellow really bright, happy canary yellow? or more muted, mustard sort of yellow? i've seen pictures that show a bright, happy yellow and pictures that show almost a tan/beigey color with barely any yellow in it...

  2. um... I think it's not really rare rare, you will find it once in a while. Since there're many pieces that come in yellow, you will have great oppotunity to find it.

    My yellow (I have 3) are not that bright bright, but also not dull dull yellow. I'm not think it's like mustard yellow (which is too dull).

  3. Yellow isn't that rare, it pops up on eBay almost every week :yes: The purple lining is gorgeous...
  4. thanks everyone! thanks meeju for your pics! :smile:
    the yellow in meeju's pics look like a french vanilla color (very pretty!!) but i've also seen pictures that show a more of a true yellow... is it just the lighting??
    like this pic from an ebay auction shows a more true yellow color...
    are there actually TWO DIFFERENT yellows??? (sorry i seem so... confused.)
    thanks again!!!
  5. I love the yellow, it´s my favorite Epi colour. I love it that the lining is purple:love: I posted a pic of my wallet in which I think the colour is portrayed perfectly.
  6. Hi. I have a yellow Epi Agenda. I will post pictures this weekend because I am at work right now.

    I actually want to sell it because I NEVER use it. I just haven't gotten around to taking pictures, and looking up the price.
  7. Love the yellow I have been looking for one myself. There are few popping out in ebay but never the one I want.
  8. Bearkeeper, you're welcome...:p

    For me, Nola's pic is the perfect describe of yellow epi. I love love the linin which is purple (nice contrast).

    How you will find one soon... ;)
  9. [​IMG]Here is me w/ my Tassil Yellow Speedy 25~ I can't wait to break her out this spring:yahoo: [​IMG]