Yellow EPI Petite Noe - what color shoes to wear?

  1. I just bought the yellow epi petite noe from a my poupette selller off of eBay. I am all ready anticipating the "smell" seems this seller's stuff always has the moth ball , smokey smell but I was obsessing over the color. Any advice? Also what color shoes to wear ? Camel or neutral? I really just want the color for jeans and khakis and maybe even olive.. thanks
  2. congrats claudia! love the color!:love:
    i agree--neutrals and earthtones will be lovely.....:yes:
  3. congrats! i like the white and yellow combo for summer! white little sandals!
  4. Yes, white little ballerina slippers would be super cute!
  5. how about a pair of bright red Maryjanes?
  6. Congrats on such a fun, vibrant bag! I hope it comes odor-free as well! Yes, white shoes would be nice, even navy moccasins or flats if you're wearing jeans!
  7. love that :yes:

    the epi yellow goes very well with red .... i carried mine all winter long over my red coat, a very fun and powerful combo

    I also like to match it to an all black outfit and golden ballerinas
  8. thanks everyone as ALWAYS you guys gave me tons of great ideas! I love the red idea and the gold ballet flats.. thanks NOW I got a good reason to buy some and also white sandals.. you guys are the best!!!!!!!!!
  9. I wore mine with pastels especially and neutral color shoes.
  10. Black or Brown.