yellow epi LUDLOW??

  1. did this ever exist?
    if so, do any of you own one?

    i saw a ludlow the other day and it's such a nice little wallet. it would be perfectly suited to my needs and i would like to own one soon, but only in yellow epi.
  2. :wlae:
  3. Yes, I had bought one before but returned it because it was too small for me.
  4. They are now discontinued, so it will be hard to find one. Yes they were made!
  5. thanks!
    if any of you have a yellow ludlow you don't want ... you know who to contact ;)
  6. i saw one on eBay 3/4 days ago.
    try checking it out. :tup:
  7. ^ damn... i guess i missed it! :sad:

    i did a completed items search for ludlow and couldn't find it either!