Yellow Epi - Difficult To Wear?


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Oct 4, 2006
Here & There
Hi everyone! I had a quickie question - probably for those that have one already, but for even those who don't....

Most people say that yellow isn't the best color for a bag. I personally know that yellow isn't a favorite color for say like clothes - I don't even own any yellow tops because I try to keep it as far away from my face as possible - I don't even own any yellow shoes like flip flops! But I've always been drawn to the yellow epi leathers with purple lining....

It just seems like such a fresh color - like the mandarin - and wanted to know if anyone here has any thoughts about the yellow epi in general for a bag - be it a speedy, noe or even an alma.....
Is it a hard one? Or surprisingly easy?

Any thoughts of course are always always........:heart:


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Dec 20, 2006
I think it is easy. I could be carrying a Yellow Epi Alma with the business suit I am wearing today. It is black with a charcoal strip and a silk tan abstract scarf along with black shoes. A yellow Epi would be perfect with this!
Jan 1, 2007
vancouver BC
i love this color. i like to wear it with all sorts of other colors and i rarely wear yellow clothes. ex- purples, pinks, blues, reds, greens. hmmmmmm pretty much everything and anything.
Aug 17, 2008
I think yellow goes with anything. I have a pair of yellow sandals I wear with all colors. But you might have a tough time if you like things to match and you don't wear much yellow. If you don't care about matching outfits perfectly I think you would wear it a lot.


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Oct 19, 2005
Toronto, Ontario
Personally, I don't care for it.. even as a summery bag, I'd rather have something in a different colour. I just wouldn't know what to match up with it !
Dec 13, 2006
I myself want a yellow epi alma, but need two other colors more. I say go for it! I consider yellow a neutral, I think it could go w/ a ton. I would wear that particular yellow all year round too, perfect for fall, it's like a golden leaf.
Mar 9, 2008
I love yellow! I have a few yellow bags, shirts, accessory.
I suggest: get yourself a yellow bag and look for some nice costume jewelry like a yellow wooden bracelet...