Yellow epi Alma bag

  1. post this in the authenticate this! in the lv forum :biggrin: thanks
  2. btw its real!
  3. That's real, and it's spectacular. The yellow was one of the original Epi colors. It was discontinued several years ago.
  4. yes it did come in that color... its discontinued now and for 5oo is a bargain!
  5. It is nice.
  6. Thanks so much everyone for your replies!
  7. Yes! I had this bag, the epi looks nice in the yellow and the purple lining is the best part about it, so plush. What I didn't like is the alma shape... for some reason it felt matronly when I tried to carry the bag, no matter what I wore with it, so I gave it to my mom. Maybe i'll try the white multicolore alma but this shape just may not be for me....