Yellow dots/stains on Ardoise city?

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  1. Hello! I recently got a pre-loved RGGH city in Ardoise which I absolutely love! The previous owner did mention the imperfections on it though, such as the slight yellowish dots/stains near the bottom of the bag. This didn't put me off the purchase because it's not very obvious unless you stare at it upclose, but I was wondering if anyone experienced something like this before with their light-colored Bal & if bringing it to a bag cleaner will get rid of it, or at least make them even less noticeable?

    The bag is super soft and wrinkly which I love, but I think it's slightly on the dry side? This is my first Bal so I can't really tell if it's really dry or not... will appreciate your helpful input :flowers:

    Thank you! :biggrin:

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  2. To tell you the truth I didn't inspect something strange on your bag. Now I do have many Balbags and I can tell you that the leather is not the same everywhere and that some spots are not uncommon. Yellowish spots though could be from some kind of glue? If I were you I wouldn't try to clean it as the color may come off. If a professional can do it then maybe you should send those pictures to Barbara of LMB and ask if they can fix it and how much they will quote you for this job. However, IMO the bag looks ok to me.