Yellow Diamonds

  1. Does anyone have a yellow diamond ring? I'd love to see pictures of it, if you do! I think they are so gorgeous!
  2. thank you, solitude!
  3. You're welcome!!!;)
  4. Here are my two! Sorry for the chubby fingers. Rings are good distraction! :rolleyes:

  5. Those are amazing! I LOVE the one w/ white diamonds that circle the yellow diamond. That is like a dream engagement ring... I think Heidi Klum's ring is fab also!
  6. My friend has a canary diamond pear cut in platinum with baguettes from Tiffanys....It's only 1 ct but the color is amazing.
  7. Gorgeous!!!!
    I'm thinking of getting something similar in pink.
  8. Yes, I have one but I don't know how to post pics. It's not a big diamond (I don't remember the carat size). My husband and I hand picked it from loose diamands and had it set with two small daimonds on the side in a platinum setting. It's very simple. I'd love to have a larger one but I don't think that will happen any time soon. Just looked at my paperwork, it's a 1.58 ct, intense yellow, flawless with two trilliant cut diamonds for a tw of .57 ct. I bought it in 2000 from Linde Meyer Jewelers in Philadelphia. She is a very fine jeweler and has some of the most exquisite pieces I have ever see.
  9. Oops, sorry for the typo. I meant to say "have ever seen".
  10. Your yellow diamonds are exquisite! I am partial to three-stone rings and the cut of the center diamond in that one is spectacular. Of course, your halo ring is TDF too!:love:
  11. You could never guess how many times I have drooled over your `headlights`. I personally think that is the size that god intended diamonds to be worn!!!! If only my h. would agree. Which one do you like better? I like the princess because it looks even bigger than the other gigantic stunner!!!!
  12. You totally crack me up!!:roflmfao:
  13. Thanks! I can never decide which one I like better but my friend at work is crazy about the halo. It was the first one I chose. The big killer was offerred to me and so I had to think about it, believe it or not! I've since fallen for it too! Took a good while to work up to th big headlight size. Kept trading up.