Yellow Devon!

  1. There is a bright yellow Devon on the Nordstrom's website for sale...looks like it's from a new spring line, although it's labeled as "New...Fall 2007".
  2. Ooh! Maybe there is hope in the Spring 2008 line!!
  3. At least we're seeing colors....but that has to be the strangest pose for a model that I have ever seen!
  4. You're right it is a funny pose! Is she in shock? What is she looking at? lol
  5. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I Absolutely Love This Bag!!! Great Find!
  6. What about the model with the black & white dress when the site first opens--she has her hand over her lady parts! Maybe wacky poses are in this year--LOL!

    But that yellow is wonderful, sigh.
  7. Oh YEAH on both bags! But then maybe it's just my crazed brain that's wild for anything spring-like, since I seem to live in the coldest part of the tundra that has NEVER ENDING SNOW!!!! :nuts:
  8. I am so happy to be seeing these new Kooba bags! HOORAY! It looks like there could be some AMAZING bags! WOOT!