Yellow Clemance Leather

  1. After watching American Idol and one of the guest judges came in with the yellow birkin...I can't stop thinking about it.

    It looked like a clemance or SA says they don't make it anymore...

    however on eBay there is one and it says its new yellow clemance? is this true?

    also the eBay one doesn't look so bright...the American Idol one looked very bright and amazing.

    anyone know about my yellow dilemma?

  2. Dear Ms. G:

    You might want to ask Ms. PBC or Ms. MV as I think one of their friend just got a Yellow one recently, so maybe they can give you a tip or two?!
  3. I've only seen them in resale shops in Tokyo, but not recently in any boutiques. That one on eBay is awesome!!!
  4. I would love a brite yellow clemance birkin or kelly. yumm!!
  5. I am not sure clemence takes yellow so brightly?
    My best bet for a bright yellow would be courchevel --- err, epsom.

    The auction says nothing about 'new clemence'? It just says 'taurillon clemence'.
    It does look very bright though!
  6. Oooh, me, too! I'd love a yellow Kelly - perhaps 25cm, sellier, epsom, gold h/w. Yum!
  7. but its not a new leather right?

    I wonder if there are plans to make a new one!
  8. Doesn't japster have a yellow chamonix sellier Kelly?
  9. I have a Courcheval Yellow Kelly and I LUUUUUURVE it.
    Here is Shopmom modeling it for me.
  10. ^I think Japster's Kelly is epsom.
  11. that is pretty! man, i can't do yellow or i'd be jaundiced looking :p
  12. ^^shopmom is very agile!!
  13. Shopmom you look hot on that pole! :graucho:
  14. If this was a couple of months ago I saw it too.
    I believe it is epsom leather, it almost looked like lemon yellow!
  15. I love that picture~!