yellow chanel wallet 07

  1. Fellow Pf'r posted this pic awhile ago..and just wanted to say I ordered it and its the most fabulous shade of yellow EVER. I absolutly fell in love as soon as I opened the bright and in your face!! LOVES IT

  2. Yellow is bright, but hey - it's perfect for spring/ summer, congrats!
  3. congrats!!! it's soooo pretty :drool:

    how big is that?
  4. gorgeous colour, congrats
  5. :supacool: ,congrats!
  6. I am LOVING this color!!!! :yes:

    Does it come in the longer version?
  7. Beautiful!:love: Congrats!:smile:
  8. does this wallet have a matching yellow bag?! would love that!!
  9. I love the color, and it's the perfect time/season to use it.
  10. Bright yellow is one of the key colors for Spring/Summer- I LOVE IT!:heart: :heart:
  11. I LOVE it!:drool: :drool: :drool:
  12. FANTASTIC color!congrats....I really like it alot!
  13. I love this color!! It'll definitely stand out in your bag, and it's soo perfect for spring/summer, congratulations! :smile:

  14. wow what a beautiful and vibrant color! congrats!
  15. SUCH a perfect shade of yellow!

    i love chanel accessories so much, but can never find a bag that's right for me. =/