yellow box Annie moccasins - $18!

  1. so i was looking for a pair of comfy flats for walking and i came across these yellow box annie flats at Zappos.. I also found them on Amazon for 19.49 free shipping if order is over $25.. so i bought them from Zappos and price matched with Amazon.. and the total came out to be $18.53 shipped.

    but how exactly did zappos calculate the 110% price match? the sales specifically told me the items under $25 at zappos are subject to a $3.99 shippinf fee, which i though bummer (i should have ordered from amazon)! And he continues to say we will price match the $19.49 + $3.99 totaling $23.48, with the 10% match your total is $18.53????
    i am lost, but glad it comes out less than amazon :yahoo:
  2. for price matching they take 10% of the price difference, so if the difference is $10, they'll give u $1 dollar of the price you found it for.

    eg: amazon $100 zappos: $110, zappos will sell it to you for $99 plus any tax or shipping amazon would have tacked on....

    sorry if thats confusing...but someone please correct me if I'm wrong!! But those are really cute!!!
  3. Those are really cute! And such a great deal! Hope they're comfy! :smile: