yellow birkin?

  1. I need your expert opinion:yes:
    I have seen a picture of a yellow kelly and even if I don't love yellow, I think it was TDF.
    After my vert anis kelly I am thinking of a birkin and I was wandering if you have ever seen a yelllow birkin and what you think about it.
  2. I've seen yellow Birkin in pictures and I think Hermes yellow (in chevre) is the ultimate Happy color! I've seen a yellow chevre agenda before and it was sooo gloriously happy and TDF ... It goes really well (makes a good contrast) with turquoise and fuchsia. It's very summer-y and just plain happyyyyyyyyyy
  3. i love jeune! it is a wonderful shade of yellow in epsom and i like it when pired with gold. it is a strong colour but not a sharp sour one.
    in fact i so want to have a yellow birkin again
  4. Do they have yellow croc? I saw a picture of a yellow croc kelly before but it COULD be the lighting. That Kelly also has gold hardware and the whole thing is just GOLDEN - but in a totally TDF way!!!

    Now ... here's the thing ... yellow doesn't look good on me ... It's a real bummer because it's so happy~
  5. they do at least the used to have do not know if it is still available.
    actually what the funny thing is nearly everything with yellow undertones look bad on me but a pure yellow bag (in epsom that is what i had or chevre in clemence it is not right for me) looks just fine.
    i love dthe bag paired with a total white outfit and chunky yellow gold jewelery. it was soo fun but still very classy lookin.
  6. That sounds amazing!!! You can pull off white outfits? Dang, I have to lose like 20 lbs and exercise like heck before I can look decent in white:lol: .

    I wish I can pull off more colors. Hermes does colors soooo well! This is why i can't even see myself trying other brands long term ... It's gonna be Hermes all the way~
  7. you know what i believe every person can pull off what she truly loves and if it fits to the personality and doe not look costumey. :yes:
    actually just based on what style magazines tell i would not be able to pull off either white nor black as i am tall skinny too long legs very very fair skin tone and natural jet black hair but you know what i only wear these colours and grey if i am in a colour phase and until this day every person that i have met and that has commented my outfit found that it suits me totally and that i look fab because it scream" me"
  8. Gaaaaah ... I wish I'm tall and skinny (okay, I need muscle so I want tall tone muscle skinny)~~

    but on the up side, carrying Hermes does have an effect of making me look better.:yes:

    Ok, heading off to lunch~ :yahoo: Fooooood~~!
  9. I agree 100% :yes: :yes: :yes:

    I have a big bright LV yellow Alma that I love. but, for some reason, I don't want a yellow Hermes. It is lovely in chevre and Epsom, though. After my new Potiron, it's time for some blue jean then neutrals for awhile!! :flowers: :flowers:
  10. Greentea, what BJ bag are you looking for in the fairly near future? Care to share?
  11. Thanks for the infos!:flowers:
    I would love to see one....
  12. I need an Evelyne for traveling and thought BJ in Clemence might be fun!!
  13. I love the yellow - such a clear, sunny colour...a Birkin would be great!!