Yellow Birkin/kelly??

  1. does anyone (other than tresor makati - see her avatar) have a birkin or kelly in yellow?? i'm obssessed and in love :heart: with this color too and H stores seem to not have stocked up on these. does anyone have a picture :confused1: at least?
  2. Sorry pazt, I dont have one. I do know an ALVA boardie who owns a 30 cm yellow epsom birkin, but I dont think she's a member here. Flossy and Ninja know her too.

    Waaaaiiittt... didnt our former member (think fake croc) had one (or so she said)? Prolly, you can dig her old posts to find a pic of it, I know she did showcase it at least once in a thread.
  3. nope, i suspected it was a fake (with prolly fake LV shoes - i remember that picture):cursing: ! the color was a little off. a friend has a yellow (similar to yellow mango) 35 epsom with GH but i thought there might be another yellow shade.
  4. Ow, that one was a fake too? K then.
  5. LoL GIRL you are too funny! :roflmfao:
    won't H take a special order? forget the brighten blue, order the yellow and we'll be bag sisters :nuts:
  6. you know i can't wait for a SO????? i don't have the patience you all do!!! :roflmfao:
  7. *dies laughing* here we go again, girl! No EQ hahaha~
    you think I have the patience to wait?? hahaha if u only knew my phone bill, calling all the H stores *hahaha busted*
  8. Good to know that I'm not the only person who calls H stores all over the world to find my bags:P
  9. tresor,

    congratulations for such a fab bag!!!

    anyway, what is the size, leather and official color of that yellow birkin?
  10. i am also wondering about a yellow birkin. maybe not the color of sunshine or mangoes ... more like mustard yellow with GH in togo. do you think H have that color in togo? oooh and paz i googled for a pink ostrich birkin and your flickr album came up!!! saw a pic of your friend with a yellow croc birkin and a gentleman holding your kelly. TO DIE FOR!
  11. Funny the yellow birkin thing. Last week walking through the lobby of the Grand Hyatt in Singapore I saw a mustard-y sort of Birkin. Couldn't very well stop to stare and I didn't want to do an Exorcist style swivel of the head. Couldn't tell at a glance if it was fake or real, but it did seem VERY unusual. Not the colour of Tresormakarti's which seems more a banana yellow. This was more muted.
  12. A muted yellow birkin or kelly would be super. Wouldn't it be nice if the Hermes people read this site and came up with one?