Yellow Bbag? I need help! Do they exist?

  1. Im new to the balenciaga bag...just transferd from I'm soo loving yellow this spring and I was getting ready to buy a mustard medium de lix bag off eBay. Did bbags ever make a mustard color? Or yellow? The seller said its authentic and wants 1500.00 for it! I love it soo much, but I just dont know if its real. Help!!
  2. Hey, you'll get a better answer if you post this question and a link to the eBay item in the Authenticate This! sticky thread. That's where you should post any questions related to authenticity (and not in the regular forum). But now that I've gotten that out of the way...

    yes, Balenciaga has made yellow bags. 3 different colors, to be exact: marigold and yellow (both 2004) and a 2003 mustard yellow.
  3. I can't post it,because the aution is over, but she is offering it to me on the side. How come some people say they never made yellow bbags? Like the bag nicole ritchie wears?
  4. Please be very careful Biodina, I saw some fake ones on ebay couple days ago..... so if that is where you found it, you should post the pictures on the Authenticate This! sticky thread
  5. I agree - yellow is very rare, hard to come by. The one your seller is offering is probably fake. Plus DO NOT do an off eBay transaction. Always ask them to list it with a BIN and complete the transaction that way so you have some protection. Also pay with a credit card through paypal if you can.
  6. what was the auction number?
  7. It is fake, but it was ended with a buyer??
  8. Yea, but she said that the winning bidder has not paid for it yet...and she offered it to me, because I asked her a question about it.
  9. yes, that's definitely fake! scary how some of those fakes even have date cards and metal plates that are pretty close. with the matching spring 05 letter... good thing the square bale things give it away. and also, they never made yellow in spring 05...
    thank god for ateliernaff ("the bible") and the expert help on tPF!
  10. Unfortunately from the shape of the bale it is fake :sad: Please don't fall for it
  11. No doubt about it, straight-up fake.

    I want a yellow too, and in my initial excitement I thought it was real. I e-mailed her with a question, then took another look. Square bales and the tag is way off. I sent her a follow-up e-mail, saying, "Never mind, I just noticed that it's not authentic."

    Her response was, "Suit yourself. It's real and I bought it at blah, blah."

    But, rest assured, it is totally fake.
  12. It is definitly fake! It has square bales. Check out this site to see pics of what bales should look like:
  13. Notice that the winning bidder has ZERO feedback !!!!:whistle:

    Here is my mustard First:

  14. I saw that earlier today...crazy how good the leather is looking on some of these fakes--SCARY, actually...the bales gave it away tho...funny how these freaks can get squishy supple looking leather but can't seem to make a round bale...THANK GOODNESS THOUGH!!!