Yellow at Balenciaga NYC

  1. Im guessing no one knows its there already- sitting next to french blue! everyone thought it was for fall but they have it now in gh. I bet it will end up being rare like the other yellows.
  2. thanks! which style did you see?
  3. Omigosh, my heart leapt into my throat!

    What styles did they have? Any regular HW? Any pics?
  4. Really!? Wow, I didn't even think they were taking waitlists for it until July!
  5. WTF? :woohoo: What was the style? WHat shade of yellow?
  6. I think it was a part time I saw, only in gh, I think it just came in and they may have more styles but that one was out on display, I'm sure the yellow is called juane, a bright but deep, dark yellow. I would call them if you want it.
  7. wow too bad they are closed right now...
  8. wow this is exciting. :woohoo:
  9. I just looked at the date - it's not April Fool's anymore...
  10. :sweatdrop:

    It's going to be a loooooong night!!!
  11. WTF? I also was told that they would start putting people on the wait list in July. On the one hand, I am excited if it is yellow, but surprised that it would be in so soon.
  12. I'm not really surprised if it is here this soon because it never made sense to me that they wouldn't release this color for summer.

    Either way releasing yellow is a good move for Balenciaga but seasonally a little behind if they wait until Fall.
  13. Those poor SAs are going to be invaded with phone calls in the morning!
  14. Totally agree, yellow is such a summery color, why would anyone buy it for fall?
  15. Sounds fabulous. I can't wait to call tomorrow.