Yello Flap - Some one was looking for one?

  1. Please forgive me for forgetting exactly who it was, but I recall someone was looking for a yellow flap.

    I got an email from one of my NM SA's and included in the pictures was this beautiful yellow flap. I'm enquiring as to price and measurements, but please PM me if it was you (I think it was one of the "fashion" girls)
  2. I love that. It is too bad it isn't the classic flap b/c I'd be all over it if it were. That is the yellow I want as well.
  3. very pretty color!
  4. OOH!Thats the bag I love(I wanted it in pink!!!!)
  5. that bag is just SO cute~~
    but yeah, i wish it was in the classic flap design haha
  6. Jill, do you remember the price? Is it part of the Iconic ligne?
  7. ^I think it is that ligne MON,ZERODROSS has a similiar one in pink....if u look up her may have price?
  8. MON..I have the style number for the pink one if that may be same bag collection
  9. I'm pretty sure Minal (Fieryfashionist) was looking for a yellow flap. Minal? Where are you? :woohoo: :p
  10. Mon, do you mind telling me the style number and color code? (please!) so i can have my SA at Neimans look for one for me. I've been looking for a yellow flap too.
    thank you! :heart:
  11. i remember that bag being very close to $3K CAD when I saw it.

    Beautiful nonetheless!
  12. it was me mon!!
  13. I usually don't like yellow, but this one is really cute!
  14. I saw this in red and really liked it. Not sure whether I want a classic red flap or this style in red?
  15. Very nice~