Yehey! New LV Stuff!!!

  1. :yahoo:Got my lv stuff late July but didn't get the chance to post it here since I was way too busy and had to go on vacation for almost a month.... :wlae: well, better late than never:p

    monogram pochette clés
    damier pochette clés
    white vernis pochette clés
    amarante porte-trésor international (10 slots)
    mc bandeau

    I also went to the LV store yesterday and got myself the following:

    damier cigarette case
    monogram mini pochette(t & b)
    brown juliet flat loafers

    Waitlisted on the black mirage speedy and luckily, my sa told me that I'm the first one on the list. Yippeeeee!!! I'll definitely post pics as soon as I get it:tup:
    new_stuff_lv1.JPG new_stuff_lv.JPG
  2. Great things!!!
    Congrats on all your goodies!!!!
  3. nice nice nice!!! congrats!!!
  4. WOOO great haul of stuff you got there!!~
  5. thank you!!!
  6. Very nice, i just ordered the T&B mini pouchette. I love your shoes and all of your cles, congrats.
  7. thanks! can't wait for you to get your T&B pochette, you won't regret it:biggrin:
  8. Congrats!!!!
  9. NICE stuff! Love the pochette accessory.
  10. WOW! You got some GREAT stuff!!!!!! 3 cles?? :nuts:

    CONGRATS!!! :yahoo: :party:
  11. congrats on all of your stuff - i really do love the T&B mini pochette, it´s so cute
  12. Lovely. You cleaned out the store. :p
  13. Congratulations.
  14. thanks, guys!
  15. How much is the monogram mini pochette(t & b)?