Yeh, I M A Coffer Owner Now!

  1. Finally, my love is in my arms. I've got her on Fri midnight and have been lugging her since then, well, it just need a day of adjusting and then, wee wao, i just love her, i felt so proud with her, i just love her. Thks to all PFers who had helped me to make the decision.:rolleyes:
    m1.jpg m2.jpg m4.jpg m3.jpg
  2. BTW, now i've more questions:- do you pre-treat yr coffer with anything, like leather polish? How would you carry your coffer most? Do you bother to close the flap and the two pocket buttons? Tia for yr help, once again.
  3. congrats on your beautiful bag. Be carefull with what you use on the delicate lambskin.
  4. she is so gorgeous...congrats...have fun with your coffer:smile:
  5. My black coffer is my everyday bag and I haven't had to treat her with anything and she looks good as new. The plum should be the same (dark color). I carry her by "doubling-up" the long shoulder strap. It ends up being longer than the braided strap, yet shorter than the cross-body strap. Perfect length for me. :tup: As far as closing the front flap, I find that closing it makes that "dip" in the middle less deep. And I am sure that you have found out that snapping the 2 front pocket snaps is near impossible! So I just leave mine open. Congrats on your new Coffer, you are both beautiful together!!! :okay:
  6. it is absolutely breathtaking!!!! :drool:

  7. Congrats Rain Fan!! She's absolutely beautiful :love: You wear her so well! :biggrin:
  8. Gorgeous! Congrats, RainFan..
    Initially when I bought mine, the button is hard to fasten but now its fine after some 'seasoning' hee.. normally when I carry her , its through the braided handles... don't you just love the soft lambskin eh...:nuts:
  9. Thks everyone, I got mixed comments from my friends, some said gorgeous color:yes: yet I also got someone said why i choose this color?:sad: I personally love her very much, i thought i got a great color, anyone out there agreed? Hee, I m a bit like Teddyraph, indecisive....:confused1:
    miu2: Thks. No wonder you are not stopping getting yr coffer yet, it is so pretty, i can't hv enough of it. I also didn't treat mine but worried that i might scratch it. Being a rough girl myself. Hei, how do you double yr strap, can yr illustrate a little more?
    Teddyraph: Hei, what color is yr coffer? If i get the bow satchel as well we can be bag sisters:rolleyes:
    Thks, Joanniii, justified, alouette, sjunky13: for dropping by and some of you hv helped me to make that decision.
  10. congrats! gorgeous bag
  11. Congratulations.
  12. thks, Noon & The Glamorous
  13. Here are pics of how to shorten the strap. Let me know if it helps or not:

    Step 1. - unhook one end of strap.

    Step 2. - thread strap through "O" ring that you just removed the clasp from.

    Step 3. - connect to opposite "O" ring (where the other clasp is located).[​IMG]

    Step 4. - both clasps should be on one "O" ring.

    Step 5. - this is how your shortened strap should look.[​IMG]

    Let me know if this is helpful..........;)

  14. Rain Fan...

    Your coffer is just *gorgeous*... I :heart: the color... so pretty!! Congratulations.

    Miu2 - you are too adorable with your step-by-step instructions and pictures on shortening that strap. You sure you don't do "how to's" for a living?!!! You're good girl!! :graucho:
  15. Thanks padparasha, I do my best........:cutesy: