Yeayyyyyyyyy Twiggers!!!!!!!!11

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  1. love the review!!! write on!!!!!!!!
  2. :confused1:
  3. ^^yeah that.
  4. :yahoo: Excellent critique on the Miroir, Twiggers!!!:yes:
  5. We'll figure it out tomorrow!
  6. twiggers did a guest blog for the Miroir line.
  7. The OP has had a few drinks this evening. See the other thread. LOL
  8. someone want to post a link to what this thread is about?
    Most people aren't going to know . . .
  9. So? She still knows what she's talking about.

    Handbags - Authentic Designer Bags, Purses and Reviews

    Read the latest blog entry, and see who wrote it.

    Great entry twiggers!!
  10. Well done! Great review. :smile:
  11. Good job Twiggers!
  12. Wonderful review Twiggers!
  13. WOOOHOO! i root for ya!
  14. Love your review, Twiggers! Great job!