YEAY to Saks Price Match Nordies :D

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  1. This is a long but cool story a few weeks ago I tried on a jacket at saks (only one left). It was this peacoat with sweater-like material for arms and collars. However, at the time I thought I will just go back and think about it again since I wasn't sure whether I wanted that or something more formal. Well, when throughout the night I couldn't get that coat off my mind. So i went back but it was GONE! So I went to NM and Burberry itself but they didn't have it. So bummed. Fast forward 3 weeks later (yesterday), I was strolling burberry and a sweet SA asked me if she could help and I told her my story. She went on to look on burberry website but couldn't find it and told me that it's prob a only item...I said I couldn't find it on she looked anyway and to my surpirse found it! Reason I couldn't see it was because it was black and picture wasn't so clear to me anyway HAHA...So I wrote down item number and was going to order it when i get home but made a stop at nordstrom. Well, SA asked me what I was looking for and I described it to her. For some reason she knew what I was talking about and immediately said "oh yes, that's on sale" but they only had one in large size. She looked to order elsewhere but when they called the stores they were unhelpful. So I asked her to give me the ticket so I can maybe try to do saks to do a price match. She and her manager were so helpful, immediately went to saks, found SA who asked her manager and immediately OK it!!! YEAYYYYY it was meant to be don't you think?

    Here's the coat...what do you guys think? I'm in my early 20s so i love the fact that it's kind of edgy :smile:
  2. It's gorgeous,.....what was the sale price?
  3. Thanks!!40% off so $449.50! it's an AWESOME deal i think esp before winter even starts...

    I can give you SA info if you're interested and I believe it was on nordies website as well although they only have 12 and 14 left...
  4. yeah I just looked it up on the Nordstrom site...

    The SA info would be great...did you get it true to size?
  5. I think you should get it one size up because burberry runs tight imo for their fitted coats.... I got it one size up... Usually a 2-4 for dresses but got a 6! omg lol PM you SA info
  6. That looks good, and awesome they price matched =D
  7. Wow I had no idea saks price matched! Please send me SA info as well!